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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@hyperreal.org>
Subject some news...
Date Wed, 10 Mar 1999 03:28:12 GMT

Some changes have been made over the last few weeks regarding the various
facilities for mirroring and the like.... the most important you should be
aware of, for those of you who do FTP-based mirroring, is that you should
now be mirroring simply


instead of


This is mandatory as of a few minutes ago; actually the "new" URL has been
working for a few weeks, with /apache/ as a symlink, but I noticed that
the symlink was giving cvsupd a lot of grief, even when I attempted to
tell it to ignore it using "omitany" or recognize it as a symlink using
"symlink" in the config files.  So it was an option between supporting
CVSup or supporting the old URL through FTP, and I chose the former.

So, yes, on that topic, "cvsup"-based mirroring has been broken for a few
weeks as well, and is now working again.

I know this has been a religious debate on here, but I continue to
advocate that mirror sites use rsync or cvsup as their mirroring tool
rather than FTP.  I would really like to do away with FTP for a number of
reasons, and I have noticed by looking through the xfer logs that FTP
usage is way down anyways, and I've removed it from the "how to mirror"
pages too.


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