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From "yu sun" <yu...@atwell.co.jp>
Subject Please list us into your mirrors list
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 08:39:44 GMT
Dear Master on Apache.org,

Thank you for your kindly mirror permission. We have mirrored your site
successfully. The name of our site is China Linux Forum. The mirror site is
http://www2.linuxforum.net/mirror/apache/. The name and email address of the
person maintaining the mirror is Sun, Yu with email address at
yusun@atwell.co.jp. The update setting and location information is: updated:
DAILY location: Beijing, China.

Your mirror site is maintained by a group of excellent Linux experts. Your
reputation will be surely kept and all your rights will be protected.

Please list our site in your mirrors list. Thank you!

It is real great proud for us if you permit our site to be one of your
official mirror site in China.

Best regards from,
China Linux Forum

The linuxforum.net, which has more than 30 thousand members and the greatest
number of daily visitors among all free-software sites in China, is a free
Linux forum on net. Its location, the capital of China, Beijing, provides it
chances of having the fastest connection with your site and our users. The
main discussed tops in the forum are all things related to Linux, including

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