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From David Kirchner <...@dpk.net>
Subject Re: Your thoughts are required
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 01:12:23 GMT
On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 10:07:55AM +1000, Andrew Kenna wrote:
> 1) How does everyone feel about having the apache specific web site
> httpd.apache.org accessible via rsync ? 
>  This then would give you guys the ability to have a fully functional local
> apache mirror instead of having your users forced to goto apache's server

That'd be great.

> 2) Making as many of the apache projects mirrorable and having some sort of
> database system on apache's main web server that maintains the following
> information
> Mirror Site
> Apache Projects Housed
> Country the Mirror is Housed in.
> Bandwidth Connection
> Version of Apache
> Whether the server can handle incoming rsync for wider distribution of
> apache software
> Last Time Updated(If possible this would be generated by the last time the
> mirror contacted apache's rsync server to get updates)

How about 'Restricted to country XX'?

> Also this question/suggestion is more aimed at the people who have access to
> the apache servers and maintain the documentation project. 
> 3) Why don't we instead of hard-coding httpd.apache.org/docs on the main
> page of httpd.apache.org just have references to the directories since they
> are on the same web site. ie have /docs and /docs-2.0
> Any other thoughts on how the apache mirrors can be improved are more than
> welcome. 
> I will be working on some prototype database entry screens over time

How about an update to the search engine so it records which server you
came from and then generates a list of responses which point to that
server? I know I usually go straight to the search box when I'm looking
for something, and no matter which mirror I come from, I end up at
httpd.apache.org, which I'm sure would be nice to avoid. ;)

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