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From jason andrade <ja...@dstc.edu.au>
Subject Re: Your thoughts are required
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 00:58:57 GMT
On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Andrew Kenna wrote:

> 1) How does everyone feel about having the apache specific web site
> httpd.apache.org accessible via rsync ? 
>  This then would give you guys the ability to have a fully functional local
> apache mirror instead of having your users forced to goto apache's server

while i would like this, it leads in some ways to quite complex setups.

e.g currently i have apache.planetmirror.com.

in the past, references to the httpd project were available at


if we split all the projects off, we will now have:


i am not totally opposed to this, but it does add a layer of complexity - instead
of one virtual host, i will now have to setup perhaps 5, or 10.

> 2) Making as many of the apache projects mirrorable and having some sort of
> database system on apache's main web server that maintains the following
> information

this is getting to be extremely important.

> 3) Why don't we instead of hard-coding httpd.apache.org/docs on the main
> page of httpd.apache.org just have references to the directories since they
> are on the same web site. ie have /docs and /docs-2.0

yes please.  one of the more annoying things from my POV is that
a lot of users who *used* to use a local mirror to use the online documentation
don't bother anymore.  

basically, the requirement i have as an apache mirror is that i would like
to maintain all of the apache content locally.  exactly how that's structured
and what hoops i have to jump through to make that happen.. i am pretty flexible



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