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From Andrew Kenna <andr...@stamina.com.au>
Subject RE: Problems updating via rsync
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 22:34:35 GMT
The tier-1 mirror idea sounds like a good one jason as it would relieve the
load on the main site at apache and we would i'm sure be able to simplify

I do think that the ftp site needs to be just a pure distribution point only
with no html files. which would simply mean that to mirror the distribution
files only for a particular project you would reference

ftp-dist.apache.org:projectname for the actual binaries files
www-dist.apache.org:projectname for the actual web pages for that project

Am I getting the right kinda idea or am I way off track


-----Original Message-----
From: jason andrade [mailto:jason@dstc.edu.au]
Sent: 01, 10, 2001 7:17 AM
To: mirrors@apache.org
Subject: Re: Problems updating via rsync

On Sun, 30 Sep 2001, Henk P. Penning wrote:

> > Ohh no, Apache guys is there attention on this problem ?
>   -- The 'dist' archive is a big mess now: current stuff, old stuff,
>      devel stuff; it's all there. It appears, disappears,
>      appears again.
>   -- there is not a byte of guidance or documentation
>   -- the server/connection is very, very slow.
>   Isn't there someone with an ounce of brains to organise this ?

a few of us have been asking this for more than a year now - perhaps
not quite like that.  andrew kenna has come on board recently and
started to help - i think that the apache group (well, brian and ask
who seem to reply more often than most on this list) just don't have
enough time to address this.  there appear to only be around half
a dozen `active' mirrors in terms of commenting on the list.  does
that mean the consensus is that the majority think the current setup
is fine and the rest of us are wasting time debating it.

i am not sure how we get this addressed.  offering bandwidth and
time only goes so far - there needs to be an interest in the apache
group itself to want to organize the site and projects in some
way that actually scales for the next 2 years and i'm sure there are
probably politics involved.

i'd personally like to see:

o apache web site which allows mirroring of *all* sub projects either
  as apache.localmirror.foo/project/  or  project.apache.localmirror.foo.

i've given up on really wanting the former - i'll even setup the 10 or 15
virtual servers needed for the latter now :-/.  it's more work/less
automatic than how apache previously used to work, but if that is what
is needed, so be it.

o decide if apache is going to stay as a ftp and web site all in one or
  separate the functions out.  make the ftp site a pure distribution
  system (no html files..) and have a separate web site that can be
  mirrored in a much more coherent fashion.

o similar to other projects, have a tiered mirroring system.  have a master
  apache site that is only contactable by tier-1 mirrors and then use those
  to propgate out regionally.

  at the moment apache is a approximately a 4G archive.  it's mirrorable
  by a lot of sites, but keeping track of all of this looks to have become
  a nightmare.


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