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From Gorm Jorgensen <G...@Area51.DK>
Subject Re: mirroring httpd.apache.org - a howtoish-sortof.
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 20:47:59 GMT

Hi Jason,

Could I have a look on your code, it sounds interesting :)

> I've since discovered a few things associated with making this work.. is
> anyone else out there going to try and implement it ?
> The main thing is that httpd makes extensive use of SSI/shtml.  However this
> appeared to severely break on a `default' vhosted apache mirror, even though
> SSI was turned on.  My fix was to addhandler for .shtml and .html which
> fixed it.
> There are also extensive rewrites needed to change a lot of absolute references
> back into local ones - for the httpd site itself, and for downloads and
> other references back to apache.org.  Contact me if you want the simple 3
> or so lines needed that seems to cover about 95% of those.  It's a really
> horrible kludge, but i did some measurements and it looks like (thanks to
> rsync) it's < 1Mbyte every time you rsync (actually ~256K) as additional
> overhead at this stage.

Gorm Jorgensen - Area51.DK
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