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From jason andrade <ja...@dstc.edu.au>
Subject Re: New Mirror Layout
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 13:08:12 GMT
On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Henk P. Penning wrote:

>   -- requirements: the apache mirror must reside in "/".
>      The local mirror is refered to in index.html as
>        <a href="/dist/">from here</a>

carry with no local changes ?  any chance of defining exactly
what that means ?  no local banners ?  no local sponsors ?
or no local rewriting of urls ?

with the update check, i would make it daily IMHO.

also, with all the examples, i recommend removing the compression
option - (z) and deprecating its use.  compression works well
for "in house" stuff but it just doesn't seem to be implemented
in a `public' mirror environment and causes some interesting

>   -- The archivelist.html shows the various archives. Good.
>      However, there are dependencies: some are included in
>      others. How can you mirror 'all' without ducplicates?
>      How can you mirror 'all' without 'jakarta'?

what he said.  i'm after a complete ASF mirror for *.au here.

the main things i'd like are:

o users are always pointed at local downloads within the mirror

o users have access to a full local document tree

o users don't have to go `off site' for various parts of the



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