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From "Karsten W. Rohrbach" <kars...@rohrbach.de>
Subject Re: A request for multiple access logs for university research
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 01:52:25 GMT
create an <img> link on the first page pointing to an "accounting"
server with fully qualified url. this server needs to process the
referer field and you are all set. distributing logs is a quite painful
process, especially with heavily loaded mirrors due to the large amounts
of log files. i personally jeep a backlog of 3(!) days access_logs and 1
week error_logs after shoving the access_logs through a statistics


Ken Christensen(christen@csee.usf.edu)@2002.02.22 10:18:32 +0000:
> Hello all, one of my graduate students is investigating web redirection for 
> load balancing of mirrored web servers. To better understand the possible 
> benefits of automatic redirection (e.g., to a geographically closer or less 
> loaded server), we need to characterize the problem. One way to do this is 
> by studying access logs from mirrored servers.
> Is it possible to obtain access logs from apache.org mirror sites?  Most 
> helpful would be access logs from multiple sites around the world for the 
> same time period (say, all from the same week).  Since all mirror sites are 
> independently "owned and operated" (right?), how might I best contact 
> mirror site owners with individual requests (if this is the way to go)?
> Any advice or thoughts on quantifying the automatic redirection problem are
> of interest to us.
> Thanks!
> Ken Christensen
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