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From Ken Christensen <chris...@csee.usf.edu>
Subject A request for multiple access logs for university research
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 15:18:32 GMT
Hello all, one of my graduate students is investigating web redirection for 
load balancing of mirrored web servers. To better understand the possible 
benefits of automatic redirection (e.g., to a geographically closer or less 
loaded server), we need to characterize the problem. One way to do this is 
by studying access logs from mirrored servers.

Is it possible to obtain access logs from apache.org mirror sites?  Most 
helpful would be access logs from multiple sites around the world for the 
same time period (say, all from the same week).  Since all mirror sites are 
independently "owned and operated" (right?), how might I best contact 
mirror site owners with individual requests (if this is the way to go)?

Any advice or thoughts on quantifying the automatic redirection problem are
of interest to us.


Ken Christensen

-  Kenneth J. Christensen (Associate Professor)     -
-  Department of Computer Science and Engineering   -
-  University of South Florida                      -
-  (813) 974-4761                                   -
-  http://www.csee.usf.edu/~christen                -

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