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From ha...@towardex.com
Subject Re: New Mirror Request --UPDATE!
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 21:39:44 GMT
Good evening!

Previously, I have mentioned a new mirror setup at http://apache.towardex.com.
However http://apache.towardex.com was pointing directly to dist folder.

That issue has been resolved. http://apache.towardex.com is the URL of our new
mirror, and http://apache.towardex.com/dist is for distfiles area. The server
information for new mirror is described below in the previous email..

Thank you in advance

Best Regards..
Haesu C.
Director of Network Operations
TowardEX Technologies

Quoting haesu@towardex.com:

> Hello all,
> We have setup a new apache distribution mirror, accordingly to your
> requirements
> on your 'becomming a mirror' web page at www.apache.org.
> It will be rsynced daily.
> The server location is Acton, Massachusetts, United States.
> The address for this mirror is at http://apache.towardex.com.
> Thank you, and please let me know of any questions.
> Best Regards
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