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From "Andrew Kenna" <andr...@stamina.com.au>
Subject RE: Mirror Update time
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 23:20:16 GMT
Yeah I am going to forget about checking versions of apache on mirrors, i'll leave that upto
the admins to check.

I'll just concentrate on

A) Whether the mirror can be reached

B) Whether the mirror has updated content

Appologies to the other mirrors for starting such a shit fight



-----Original Message-----
From: Joshua Slive [mailto:joshua@slive.ca]
Sent: Friday, 25 October 2002 2:51 AM
To: mirrors@apache.org
Subject: Re: Mirror Update time

> >Andrew Kenna wrote:
> >>Does anyone have any problems with removing mirror sites that are 
> running versions of apache prior to 1.3.26 ?


Thanks very much for checking on up-to-date mirrors.

With regard to the version question, I agree with the opinion of others 
on this list that we need to leave this up to the mirror admins.  If we 
were sure that they were running a vulnerable server, then I would 
indeed support removing them.  But there is no way we can actually tell 
that from the version number.

On the other hand, posting a list of old server versions every once in a 
while could do some good.  We might be able to guilt people into updating.


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