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From Chris Pepper <pep...@reppep.com>
Subject Re: cvs commit: site/xdocs/dev mirrors.xml
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2002 04:12:39 GMT
At 4:10 PM -0800 2002/11/27, Scott Kveton wrote:
>  > I wonder whether it would be worthwhile getting all mirrors if they
>>  don't have any objections disclosing what speed their mirror site has to
>>  the internet ?
>Oregon State University - Internet2 (basically 2 - OC3's)

	This raises the question of how informative vs. consistent 
our mirror names will be. Geographic hints are often useful, so I can 
find a NY mirror rather than Seattle or Florida. Internet 2 hints are 
even more helpful -- Rockefeller has a shared 45mbps Internet 1 link, 
but a private 155mbps Internet 2 uplink, so anything with I2 is much 
faster for us. Mirror naming schemes that let people identify 
I2-friendly university sites (like Red Hat's) 
<http://www.redhat.com/download/mirror.html> make downloads much 
faster than if I connect to a random host in the US via Internet 1, 
as with FreeBSD 

where there's no easy way to see what host is behind a name like 

	Ideally, I'd like support for both naming schemes. Provide a 
mirror listing with the native 'local' hostname, like a) List 
everything with the local hostname and let users figure it out, like 
distro.ibiblio.org, and also create mirror RR DNS records, such as 
us.apache.org & uk.apache.org, which we can point closer.cgi at, and 
which could also be pruned/managed automagically if someone puts the 
time in.

	This also raises the linked issue of how consistent we want 
the directory structure to be. If someone says they're happy to put 
our stuff in /open/servers/apache, rather than under a standardized 
path, do we care?


						Chris Pepper
Chris Pepper:               <http://www.reppep.com/~pepper/>
Rockefeller University:     <http://www.rockefeller.edu/>

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