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From Daniel Lang ...@leo.org>
Subject Apache mirror at LEO
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 14:20:11 GMT

I've just noticed, that our long established Apache mirror
at LEO is not listed in your mirror-lists.

We mirror via rsync once a day. We are a mirror for at least two
years (but not using rsync since then).

The apache Archive at LEO can be accessed via the following URLs:

http://archiv.leo.org/pub/comp/general/infosys/www/daemons/apache/ [1]

[1] http://archiv.leo.org/ provides an enhanced web-based interface
    to the LEO archive, including MD5-sum calculation on the fly,
	online-peek into .zip/.tar.gz/... files, documentation of recent
	changes, and much more.

ftp.leo.org is running on a Dell PowerEdge 2650 with 2 Xeon 2.4GHz,
2 GB DDR-RAM and two RAID arrays with a total of 1.1 TB net capacity.
We have a full Gigabit link to the G-Win router of the Munich
University network, at which the WAN connection continues with OC-12

If there are still some questions or problems, that prevent the listing
of LEO in your list'o'mirrors, please tell me about them.

Thanks & best regards,
IRCnet: Mr-Spock  - My name is Pentium of Borg, division is futile, you
                                                will be approximated. - 
*Daniel Lang * dl@leo.org * +49 89 289 18532 * http://www.leo.org/~dl/*

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