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From Yusmar Yahaya <...@boolean.pc.my>
Subject new mirror server in malaysia (apache-dist)
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 03:32:30 GMT

Dear all mirror maintainers,

This is the first time i ever posted to this type of m-list, my apology
if there's an email format that i'm not following.

Anyhow, i've recently installed a new freebsd server mainly for mirroring
services. yesterday i rsync the apache-dist and placed it at
http://mirror-1.leafbug.org/apache-dist as my first step in providing
mirror services.

the above's server is at the moment located at my office on a 1.5mbps SDSL
broadband link. i will relocate it to an IDC with bigger bandwidth
sometime next week. it is running on pentium III rackmount with 256m
memory and 20g harddisk just for the storage (separate from the
os's disk). i will add more harddisks later.

it is managed by myself, funded by myself and part of the malaysian's
local drive for opensource initiatives. it is purely for mirroring
tarballs, i have no plan to use it for anything other than mirror.

I hope i've furnished you with sufficient information about my server and
qualify my server to be listed under your .my dns country code. please let
me know for any further clarification.

Thank you and regards,
--                              _______________________
~Yusmar Yahaya                  yus@boolean.pc.my

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