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From <diede...@nl.easynet.net>
Subject Re: new nl mirror (easynet)
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 09:08:19 GMT
> Only the above mirror is really of any use to us.  Other sites are not
> designed for mirroring (they contain absolute links) and we have no way of
> sending traffic to mirrors.
> In addition, it makes no sense to mirror both apache-site and apache-dist,
> since they overlap.  You will wind up pulling all the distributions twice.

will remove the additional mirrors then if they're not really being used.
which one is preferred for the mirrors, apache-site or apache-dist?

> > frequency: *high*
> >  small sites 4x / hour, bigger ones 1x/hour
> That sounds a little more agressive than is really needed.  Is there a
> reason you are updating more than once a day?

since we're mirroring some mirrors that ask for very frequent updates,
i've just included the smaller sites so we're up-to-date with the
master-mirrors of thofse sites, and thus other mirrors are possibly
interested in synching with our server instead of the real master, so
the real master(s) can relax a bit.

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