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From shimi <sh...@shimi.net>
Subject about closer.cgi
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2003 00:27:14 GMT

I just tried it in that link: 

it said that it doesn't find a mirror in my dns code. although my reverse 
dns is the same as the mirror itself, because I connected from the same 

i am talking about the .il domain.

is there a chance that in case that close.cgi didn't resolve successfully 
the hostname [i.e. last characters are int] - it'll say so and mention 
that if you do know that your host resolves, wait a few moments and 
refresh the page so it displays the mirror close to you?

or more than that - just use geoip and solve all the problems at once?


  Best regards,


   "Outlook is a massive flaming horrid blatant security violation, which
    also happens to be a mail reader."

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