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From Joshua Slive <jos...@slive.ca>
Subject Small changes in Apache mirror system
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2003 15:17:46 GMT
Hi folks,

I just want to alert our mirror owners to a few small changes in our
mirror system:

Henk Penning's mirror monitor script is now running on apache.org and
generating our canonical mirror listing at

You can use this page to check the status of your mirror.  Mirrors that
are not up-to-date (refreshed within the last 48 hours) will no longer be
suggested to downloaders as preferred mirrors.

One more note:  A while ago, we changed the suggested rsync target from
"apache-site" to "apache-dist".  Many of our old mirrors, however, still
sync on "apache-site".  If you are one of those, you may wish to take this
opportunity to switch to "apache-dist".  This repository is slightly
smaller, changes much less frequently, and contains all the files
necessary to distribute our software.  If you do make this change, please
alert us so that we can assure that we point our mirror scripts at the
correct URL.



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