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From "Michael Rasmussen" <M...@niels.brock.dk>
Subject SV: Use of mirrors@apache.org...
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 20:17:22 GMT
Hi all,

-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
>Fra: Peter Losher [mailto:Peter_Losher@isc.org]
>Sendt: to 09-12-2004 20:26
>Til: mirrors@apache.org
>Emne: Use of mirrors@apache.org...
>Question - As subscribing to this list was part of the "How to become a Apache 
>mirror", is there any practical use to remain part of this list if you are 
>already a official mirror?  (i.e. are there official announcements that we as 
>mirrors should read?)  

>Because all I see here are a stream of mirror applications, and discussions on 
>how they are not complying with the mirror requirements, and I'd rather save 
>you all the CPU and bandwidth of sending me all that. :)

I second this.

A suggestion: Why not create a list called annoucements which webmaster's should subscribe
to. This list should only be used to give vital information about mirroring to the responsible
persons for official mirrors.

Michael Rasmussen
Niels Brock CBC

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