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From ETF Mirror admin <mirrorad...@etf.bg.ac.yu>
Subject new mirror in serbia and montenegro
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 07:31:35 GMT
We have one mirror server mirror.etf.bg.ac.yu, and because it has too many 
connections we decided to make another mirror server: mirror2.etf.bg.ac.yu

so we would like to put apache mirror on that server also (apache has mirror 
on mirror.etf.bg.ac.yu)

is that possible?

server IP is and it is synced from mirror.etf.bg.ac.yu

content is accessible trough http only for now but it will be accessible 
trough ftp and rsync in next few days

directory is /apache

Best regards,
Ljubisa Radivojevic
Mirror Administrator
email: ljubisa@etf.bg.ac.yu

University of Belgrade
School of Electrical Engineering's Computing  Centre
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73, 11020 Belgrade, Serbia
tel: +381 11 3370110

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