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From Mark Shirley <mark.shir...@ocs-hosting.net>
Subject RE: Bandwidth usage of a mirror
Date Mon, 26 May 2008 14:09:22 GMT

We have a private mirror archive used by our clients and some 3rd party users, we use between
100 and 135 gigs per month

Hope this helps.


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From: "Shaun Ewing" <s.ewing@aussiehq.com.au>
To: "mirrors@apache.org" <mirrors@apache.org>
Sent: 5/26/08 1:54 PM
Subject: Bandwidth usage of a mirror

Hi All,

We are considering putting in an offer to become an Australian mirror for Apache as there
is presently only one Australian mirror, and were wondering what sort of bandwidth requirements
are involved.

To provide a bit of background; we're one of Australia's largest content hosting networks.
In addition to serving web sites for tens of thousands of customers ranging from SMEs to corporate
and government, we also host a number of public mirrors including au.php.net.

Nearly all of these customers are hosted using Apache httpd, so as our way of giving back
we are considering hosting an Apache mirror on our Canberra network (which appears at every
peering point within Australia as well as Equinix LAX and SJC and supports IPv4 and IPv6).

I have checked through the archives going back to late 2005 and found some posts mentioning
up to a few hundred GBs per month. If this is an indication of what a mirror can expect to
transfer, then it won't be a problem.

Anyway, if anybody is able to offer some insight into traffic levels (even as a worse case
scenario) it would be useful, as I'd be able to make an informed offer and be in it for the
long haul (bandwidth in Australia is expensive, unless it goes over our peering links), rather
than under-budgeting and having to rescind our offer further down the track



Shaun Ewing
Chief Technology Officer
AussieHQ Pty Ltd

Switch:  +61 2 6163 9350
Fax:        +61 2 6176 2002


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