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From Klaus-Uwe Mitterer <em...@kumi.email>
Subject Re: New Mirror
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2019 07:32:41 GMT
Hi Craig,

You don't have to worry about that ticket - a mirror operator just added the email address
of the ticket system to this mailing list, so everytime somebody sends a message to the list
it generates a ticket, but this is completely unrelated to Apache. This has been going on
for a while and whoever is responsible for this mailing list should really consider removing
that address from the list.

Having that said, the ASF bug tracker at <https://issues.apache.org/jira/> might be
a good place to advertise your new mirror (project Infrastructure / component Mirrors) to
make sure somebody actually sees it. 



-------- Original Message --------
From: Youds Media Support <support@youds.com>
Sent: 30 January 2019 05:33:51 CET
To: mirrors@apache.org
Subject: Re: New Mirror

After submitting this request I tried creating an account at the information provided however
cannot access the ticket (ID 52939) cited. I have now created a new account as I did not have
access to one already and am finding now I can’t create a ticket because the domain is invalid.

See screenshot.

If someone could please activate the account for ticket 52939 my email address is support@youds.com.

Have a great day!

Kind regards

> On 29 Jan 2019, at 10:44, Youds Media Support <support@youds.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Quick introduction to the background of this mirror. Company Youds Media Ltd has been
in operation for over 13 years, maintaining service provision throughout. See http://www.youds.com
<http://www.youds.com/>. The mirror files have been synced and are ready for scrutinisation.
I went for the whole mirror including resource intensive tasks.
> 	• URL of mirror: http://mirrors.london-do.gethosted.online/apache/ <http://mirrors.london-do.gethosted.online/apache/>
> 	• [optional] rsync mirror : rsync://rsync.your.org/apache/ <rsync://rsync.your.org/apache/>
- N/A (can look at this if needed)
> 	• Country where the mirror is located : UK, London
> 	• Contact email address : support@youds.com <mailto:support@youds.com>
> 	• Update frequency : twice daily
> 	• Rsync repository used : rsync.apache.org <http://rsync.apache.org/>::apache-dist
> 	• I use these rsync options : -avz --delete --safe-links --exclude "/README.html"

> 	• I have configured my Apache HTTP server as requested (yes/no) yes
> 	• I have subscribed the contact address to mirrors@apache.org <mailto:mirrors@apache.org>
: (yes/no) yes
> 	• At the moment, I rsync from the IP address : (your IP address here)
> 	• I am checking the output from the rsynch job on a regular basis : yes
> Thanks for your input in advance.
> Kind regards
> Craig Fairhurst (Account Manager and Service Technician)
> Contact:
> Office: +441200 422 533
> Web: http://www.youds.com/ <http://www.youds.com/>
> Email: craig.fairhurst@youds.com <mailto:craig.fairhurst@youds.com>

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