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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: mod_proxy in v2.0
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:59:03 GMT
Chuck Murcko wrote:

> Here's my suggestion:
> Move the existing 2.0 proxy code (checked in) out of the way.
> Move the 1.3.13 proxy code in, and either
> 1) reapply the original 2.0 upgrade patch
> 2) diff/patch it from the code moved out of the way in the first step
> Apply Sam's APR cleanup patches.
> This should be a reasonably straightforward process, and it leaves us
> with an HTTP/1.0 functional proxy. Graham, that'll save you some time if
> you want to do the HTTP/1.1 changes in place. No sense in totally
> starting from scratch.

I agree with this. I think the importing of the HTTP/1.1 and keepalive
should go in after the 1.3.13 proxy code goes in - a lot of the changed
code in the v2.0 upgrade patch touches code that was radically changed
in the HTTP/1.1 patch, it's going to have to be looked at carefully when
it is reapplied.

Who is going to do this?

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