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From Gabriel Russell <g.russ...@ieee.org>
Subject Hello!
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 18:27:32 GMT
I hope I'm not waking you all up, it looks like this list has gone to sleep:)

I'm working on some changes to the Apache proxy module to make it more 
useful to me in a project that I'm working on.
I've read through the back log of messages in this group and it looks like 
you are all working on the Apache 2.0 fork, but because I'm looking to move 
my changes into production, I need to work on the 1.2 fork. Most of the 
options have to do with making the proxy work better as a gateway/load 

Some of the changes that I'm working on include:
An option to preserve the original Host header so that reverse-proxying to 
vhosts and other things (like Verity) will work. (this is done, but 
probably needs some tuning)
An option to force caching of certain types of files (gifs,etc.) even if 
they are set not to cache.
And an option to set a minimum expiration time for all cacheable documents. 
(in process)
And down the line, making load-balancing work better: eliminating the need 
to rewrite urls, introducing failover modes, etc.

If any of this has already been done, then great, point me at them. Is 
anyone else working on things like these? Do any of these ideas sound 
interesting or useful to anyone? Do you all here want to see some patches 
from time to time? I've never hacked on Apache before so I'm not really 
sure what the process it. What do you all think?

Thank you
Gabriel Russell

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