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From Gabriel Russell <g.russ...@ieee.org>
Subject Re: Hello! (fwd)
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 17:05:51 GMT
At 11:35 AM 12/15/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Yes, I'd be interested in enhancements along these lines.  However, do you
>mean 1.2 or 1.3?

Yea, forgive my typo, I meant 1.3 as opposed to 2.0

>I particularly like the forced caching option -- this is something that
>seems rather useful.  We've found a few bug fixes for mod_proxy as well
>that are relevant to the 1.3 branch.  Some of the lb/gateway
>'enhancements' we've added include options to generate X-Forwarded-For and
>other X-Forwarded- headers, and other switches to add/strip particular
>headers on in/out-bound requests.

As I looked at the code around headers, I saw a lot of hard-coded stuff. 
Every header that you may need to add modify or remove needs some specific 
code. It seams that there is an obvious need for a header-rewrite function. 
This way all of these proxy-lb/gw header customizations could done in 
configuration files via a standard interface. I'll put this idea on my back 
burner for a bit and see what cooks up.

A driving factor behind most of my modification ideas are to create a 
cacheing gateway that will increase the reliability of a completely 
unstable site. Ideally, my completely dynamic website could go down for 
several seconds, which it does all the time, and the cache would handle 
most of the requests over that time.

Given that as a goal, a couple more of my modification ideas would be:

I would like a refresh only option for the cache. Files in the cache would 
never be deleted if expired, they would just get refreshed as soon as they 
were requested next. Cache pruning would then be on some sort of 
oldest-expired basis.

I would like the option to show custom error pages to the user in place of 
just passing the error through. This may already be possible, I haven't 
really looked at it yet.

Thanks for the feedback
Gabriel Russell

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