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From goldfin...@fx.org
Subject Re: Hello! (fwd)
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 19:35:35 GMT

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> Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 13:27:32 -0500
> From: Gabriel Russell <g.russell@ieee.org>
> Reply-To: modproxy-dev@apache.org
> To: modproxy-dev@apache.org
> Subject: Hello!
> I hope I'm not waking you all up, it looks like this list has gone to sleep:)
> I'm working on some changes to the Apache proxy module to make it more 
> useful to me in a project that I'm working on.
> I've read through the back log of messages in this group and it looks like 
> you are all working on the Apache 2.0 fork, but because I'm looking to move 
> my changes into production, I need to work on the 1.2 fork. Most of the 
> options have to do with making the proxy work better as a gateway/load 
> balancer.
> Some of the changes that I'm working on include:
> An option to preserve the original Host header so that reverse-proxying to 
> vhosts and other things (like Verity) will work. (this is done, but 
> probably needs some tuning)
> An option to force caching of certain types of files (gifs,etc.) even if 
> they are set not to cache.
> And an option to set a minimum expiration time for all cacheable documents. 
> (in process)
> And down the line, making load-balancing work better: eliminating the need 
> to rewrite urls, introducing failover modes, etc.
> If any of this has already been done, then great, point me at them. Is 
> anyone else working on things like these? Do any of these ideas sound 
> interesting or useful to anyone? Do you all here want to see some patches 
> from time to time? I've never hacked on Apache before so I'm not really 
> sure what the process it. What do you all think?

Yes, I'd be interested in enhancements along these lines.  However, do you
mean 1.2 or 1.3? 

I particularly like the forced caching option -- this is something that
seems rather useful.  We've found a few bug fixes for mod_proxy as well
that are relevant to the 1.3 branch.  Some of the lb/gateway 
'enhancements' we've added include options to generate X-Forwarded-For and
other X-Forwarded- headers, and other switches to add/strip particular
headers on in/out-bound requests.


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