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From "Jeroen Massar" <jer...@unfix.org>
Subject ProxyPass does cache the data, but gives 502 when the real host dies...
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 00:04:21 GMT
Boo :)

After some fiddling around I came to the following config (excerpt of important parts):
LoadModule		proxy_module /usr/local/libexec/apache/libproxy.so
ProxyRequests		Off
CacheRoot		/usr/local/www/proxy
CacheSize		5
CacheGcInterval		4
CacheMaxExpire		24
CacheLastModifiedFactor	666.0
CacheDefaultExpire	1
ProxyPass		/other/		http://box2/other/
ProxyPassReverse	/other/		http://box2/other/

This allows access to the /other/ dir through box1, though the dir actually resides on box2...
Box1 is running an Apache 1.3.19+IPv6 on FreeBSD.

The following questions arise:
- The CacheRoot dir contains mangled filenames, could these be non-mangled, preserving their
original names and path so I could put them into the /other/ dir effectively mirroring on-demand...
see also point 3...

- It also caches it correctly, except for some non-static files... which headers are required
to make sure a file will be cached into the cache?

- Whenever I turn off box2, box1 will start spitting 502's (Bad gateway - proxy error) because
it can't contact box2.
Is there a fallback to serve directly from the cache (at least the data it has... the rest
should 404... ) ?

NOTE: This last thing will also probably happen with all the apache.org mirror's around the
world using the:
ProxyPass / http://www.apache.org/
CacheDefaultExpire 24
Method as described on http://www.apache.org/info/how-to-mirror.html...


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