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From Ian Holsman <apache-pr...@holsman.net>
Subject Re: Mod Proxy Questions
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 00:34:11 GMT
 >> 1st ... a stupid one.
 >>    how do I build this on unix ? I've managed to do it by hand but I'm
 >> not 100% on if I'm doing it correctly...

 >In v2.0 you need to grab the contents of the httpd-proxy/modules-2.0
 >directory and place them in httpd-2.0/modules/proxy. Then add
 >--enable-proxy to the configure script, and you should be fine from

nup.. no go..
the configure script in 2.0 doesn't seem to know anything about proxy.
I recreated the modules.mk / Makefile, and it now builds and runs.

 >> 2nd are feature's i'd like to see
 >>    * passing cookies through the reverse proxy section
 >Cookies are already passed through - they are just another header to the
 >proxy. Is something not working with them?

I meant the other way...
I want the app server to create/modify the cookies.

 >>    * adding a query suffing to the URL in the reverse proxy part.
 >A query suffix? An interesting one... something I'll see if I can work
 >into mod_proxy v2.0.

I was a bit confiused when I wrote this ...

what we'd like to do is to add a couple of query strings to each reverse 
proxy call..

something like

ProxyPass /s/ http:/foo.bar.com/

and a request /s/foo.html

would get converted to


we were going to use this method to pass stuff through to a app server

I think this is a pretty custom request, which we are better off doing 
(of course pointer on how to do this would be most welcomed!)


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