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From Ian Holsman <apache-pr...@holsman.net>
Subject Re: Mod Proxy Questions
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:03:19 GMT
On Wednesday, March 14, 2001, at 07:34 PM, Ian Holsman wrote:

 >> nup.. no go..
 >> the configure script in 2.0 doesn't seem to know anything about proxy.
 >> I recreated the modules.mk / Makefile, and it now builds and runs.
 >Have you tried configure --with-mpm=prefork --enable-proxy? What I'm 
actually building
 >with for testing is
still no go.
everytime I to a configure I do a ./buildconf first.
i've greped the  configure script
and can only find a reference to proxycachedir.
it seems like the --enable-proxy is not a configure option

I've managed to get the modules.mk/makefile working in the mean time.

is there a problem with other mpm's ?? I intend on using the threaded 
mpm.. does
mod_proxy have threading issues?

 >configure  --prefix=/usr/local/www --with-mpm=prefork \
 >--enable-proxy --with-maintainer-mode
 >What are you building from? 2.0.14 alpha? Current CVS?

Current CVS
and doing a buildconf before every configure.

 >Chuck Murcko
 >Topsail Group

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