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From Ian Holsman <ianhols...@iname.com>
Subject Re: Mod Proxy Questions
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 04:07:16 GMT

On Thursday, March 15, 2001, at 11:03 AM, Ian Holsman wrote:

 >I'm stumped on the build question. Honestly, unless it's an anon-cvs 

I've wiped the directories, and regrabbed the entire CVS tree for both 
and http-proxy.
now it built the makefile ...
I hate this stuff.


 >> is there a problem with other mpm's ?? I intend on using the threaded 
 >> mpm.. does
 >> mod_proxy have threading issues?

 >Heh heh. My friend, you have stumbled into the strange world of
 >The mod_proxy Twilight Zone, Act II

 >Check the new-httpd archives for mod_proxy status. We're doing 2) 2.0 
here, using
 >the Ryan-regrooved proxy_httpd.c code. It *should* be safe, but I'm 
 >protocol issues now. But I doubt it. 8^) The aim is to reintegrate with
 >httpd-2.0 during beta so we can get on with 3) 2.0+. You can help fix this
 >stuff, if you like.

I'll try.
we're looking into using 2.0 for our new web site (which should launch 
in ~6 months)
providing we get the OK from up above (their a bit worried about support 
and being
guinea pigs, for good reason) we should have a couple of developers 
working on 2.0 modules
in the near future. (The developers, unlike me, have been developing 1.3 
modules for a long time)

One of the features we need is the reverse proxy, with the additonal 
feature of passing cookies back from the
app server to the client.

as an aside, is anyone looking at win32 & proxy ?
(from CVS code pulled on friday) It looks conn->remote_addr is not being 
set  in ap_new_connection  (when called from ap_proxy_http_handler)
causing it to GPF. It looks like maybe the pool is not correct.

I'm very new at 2.0, so I'm not sure what a pool is ;-).. but that will 
be fixed soon.

Oh .. I built it on 2 machines, so I don't think it is my compile .... 
this time


Chuck Murcko
Topsail Group

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