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From Ian Holsman <apache-pr...@holsman.net>
Subject Re: [PATCH] fixes & cleanups
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:14:19 GMT
Ian Holsman wrote:

 >> foo.bar.com  is the main host
 >> candy.bar.com is the reverse proxyied host
 >> if candy.bar.com sets a cookie while being r-proxied via foo, it gets
 >> passed back to the browser. this is good.
 >> the problem is the next time I set the same cookie from candy.bar  I see
 >> that I now have 2 cookies, each
 >> with the same name, which I don't think is legal.
 >Keep in mind the potential website name confusion that can happen when
 >setting cookies.

I thought cookies are domain specific, not host specific.
I'll get a TCPdump of the problem, and post a link to it.

(my Server is down at the moment, so hopefully this email address will 
not get bounced yet)


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