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From Gabriel Russell <g.russ...@ieee.org>
Subject Re: [PATCH] X-Forwarded-For
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:26:19 GMT
I'm going to take another stab at responding to this email. Hopefully I 
won't stick my foot in my mouth again.

At 01:34 PM 3/19/2001 -0800, Ask Bjoern Hansen wrote:
>As an option it would be useful to be able to forward the
>Host: header too.

I have a patch that does this that I use currently. When I figured out that 
I needed to preserve the original host header, I looked around for a patch 
and found none. So I just made the totally trivial change myself. Now, 
hearing this issue discussed publicly, I've looked through 2616 and have 
not found anything to indicate that we should be, or that it's even ok to, 
mutate the Host header, as we are now.

Does anyone know why we currently alter the Host header is proxy/gateway 
requests. Can anyone point me to the part of the spec. that says that this 
is ok or needed?

Thank you
  - Gabriel Russell

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