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From Christian von Roques <roq...@mti.ag>
Subject Re: Problem with Reverse Proxies & Weblogic 5.1.0 & HTTP 1.1
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:56:03 GMT
Ian Holsman <apache-proxy@holsman.net> writes:
> just a heads up
> Weblogic has a problem with the reverse proxy sending HTTP 1.1 request.

The patch published on dev.apache.org:
does not send HTTP/1.1 requests it sends HTTP/1.0 requests including a
``Connection: close'' header and removing any existing Keep-Alive:
headers.  Do you use this patch or something different?

The unpatched mod_proxy seems to remove Connection: headers, but
leaves Keep-Alive: headers alone.

> it returns the page OK, but it sits there for 60 seconds waiting for the 
> next request
> (which never comes)

A quick glance at the code seems to indicate that mod_proxy does not
shutdown(2) the sending side of the socket to the content provider
after having sent the request, but should call ap_bclose() after the
response-body has been passed through to the client.

Can you show us/me a tcpdump of the connection between the proxy and
Weblogic of a short request and reply.  Using something like
``tcpdump -s 65535 -x host Weblogic and port 80''?


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