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From Kwindla Hultman Kramer <kwin...@allafrica.com>
Subject Re: mod_proxy patches for HTTP Header manipulation
Date Sun, 20 May 2001 18:25:02 GMT

Graham Leggett writes:
 > Kwindla Hultman Kramer wrote:
 > > 1) It is not as flexible as one might like -- in particular, I added
 > >    an optional pattern-match field which is matched against the
 > >    request uri. If the uri satisfies the pattern match, the header
 > >    directive is applied. If not, not.
 > What kind of pattern match field are you talking about?
 > The header changes can be limited to certain places using RequestHeader
 > inside <Location> directives. Is this enough for your application? 

Yes. My patch that added ProxyRequestHeader and ProxyResponseHeader to
1.3 was written using pattern matches (regexec, to be precise) because
mod_proxy circa 1.3 handles only server-level directives.

If we are talking more generally about mod_headers features that would
be nice to have in 2.0, I have been playing around a little with the
idea of more powerful conditional header setting. Matching of a
mod_rewritish-style -- using variables like %{HTTP_HOST} -- could be

Is that kind of functionality something you could see as useful in
mod_headers? Should I work a little on a prototype implementation?

 > The new mod_headers modifies incoming headers before the content
 > handler, and outgoing headers after the content handler. This in theory
 > should now work for you - can you check for me?

The code looks great. I will work some tonight on getting 2.0 built
and running on a test machine, so I can tell you for sure, in

Thanks again,

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