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From Kwindla Hultman Kramer <kwin...@allafrica.com>
Subject Re: mod_proxy patches for HTTP Header manipulation
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 21:29:21 GMT

Bill Stoddard writes:
 > Hi Kwindla,
 > Give me a specific example and I'll see what I can do to scratch your itch :-)


How about...

RequestHeader  set  Language  fr  %{HTTP_HOST}  ^fr

This is close, in spirit, to one of the things we are currently doing
using our patched 1.3.19 mod_proxy
(http://hub.allafrica.com/tools/apache/mod_proxy/): passing requests
to a mod_perl backend server and telling it what language it should
treat as primary.

The pieces are:

1) 'RequestHeader': modify incoming headers rather than outgoing

2) 'set': mod_headers command

3) 'Language': the header to set

4) 'fr': the value string for the header

5) '%{HTTP_HOST}': what to match against (syntax cribbed from mod_rewrite)

6) '^fr': the regular expression -- if it matches, perform the action,
          if it doesn't, don't.

I'm not at all wedded to the proposed syntax, but I do confess that I
don't really like mod_rewrite's RewriteCond/RewriteRule
separation. I'd prefer to have things all in one directive. And, while
mod_rewrite supports (by my count) 36 server variables -- and back
references in the substitutions -- I'd be happy to be a little less
ambitious <laugh>.


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