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From Kwindla Hultman Kramer <kwin...@allafrica.com>
Subject Re: mod_proxy patches for HTTP Header manipulation
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 22:14:49 GMT

Joshua Slive writes:
 > On Mon, 21 May 2001, Kwindla Hultman Kramer wrote:

 > > RequestHeader  set  Language  fr  %{HTTP_HOST}  ^fr
 > >
 > Just before people go wild with this sort of thing, please consider
 > not inventing a new syntax for conditional directives.  We already
 > have CustomLog/Allow/Deny which get along well with the env=
 > syntax, as in:
 > SetEnvIf Host ^fr french
 > RequestHeader set Lanuage fr env=french
 > (I don't have much sympathy for the "all in one directive" argument when
 > there is existing code and knowledge that can be more efficiently used.)

Absolutely. I stand corrected. As far as conditionals go, an 'env='
syntax does everything I would want, and is much more consistent with
other modules. (It would solve Ian's problem, for example.)

To push this a little further: it could be nice to be able to use both
environment variables and mod_rewrite-style connection info variables
as part of the Header directive's set-string. Perhaps something like:

  RequestHeader  set  Language         %{ENV:fr}
  RequestHeader  set  X-Forwarded-For  %{REMOTE_ADDR}

Is this more reasonable than my last suggestion <laugh>.


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