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From Eli Marmor <mar...@netmask.it>
Subject Best mod_proxy Stable Version
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 07:44:07 GMT
[The following questions relate to mod_ssl too; Please read on]

What is the best *STANDARD* version of Apache, from the point of view of
(by writing "standard", I mean the standard source tree, excluding
external patches like the one that was prepared for 1.3.19)

Is it true that proxy features which already worked with old versions of
Apache, don't work anymore with 1.3.19?  (unless the special patch, which
I wrote that is not an option, is applied)

IIRC, since mod_proxy was not maintained quite well for some time in the
past, some versions of it were not up-to-date, and had conflicts with the
core Apache, which made mod_proxy not so good as in the past. Is it true?

And if it's true, then what version exactly is recommended? Is 1.3.12
good enough?

My questions may sound strange, so let me describe my status:

I have a site powered by 1.3.12 + mod_ssl, with intensive use of
mod_proxy, mainly as a reverse proxy. I want to upgrade it, but am afraid
that the proxy stuff will not work well.

Picking 1.3.19, and applying the special proxy patch of 1.3.19 into it,
is not an option, since mod_ssl comes as a patch which should be applied
into the standard Apache. There are versions of mod_ssl for almost any
standard Apache, including the current (1.3.19) and mine (1.3.12), but
not _1.3.19 + proxy-patch_.

If it's possible to apply mod_ssl into the patched 1.3.19, then it's the
best, and I'll be happy to hear about it from you.

If not, I'd appreciate if anybody here has any expecience with the
combination of mod_ssl/mod_proxy, and can recommend the best version of
Apache to use.

Thanks in advance,
Eli Marmor
CTO, Founder
Netmask (El-Mar) Internet Technologies Ltd.
Tel.:   +972-9-766-1020          8 Yad-Harutzim St.
Fax.:   +972-9-766-1314          P.O.B. 7004
Mobile: +972-50-23-7338          Kfar-Saba 44641, Israel

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