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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: mod_proxy patches for HTTP Header manipulation
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 00:17:35 GMT
Chuck Murcko wrote:

> Can we review it for inclusion in mod_proxy++ (the HTTP/1.1 version)
> that we will package separately? Or should we wait and commit to
> -current after 1.3.20 is released?

[questions for the original poster]

> >>> The first two are a lot like the Header directive from
> >> mod_headers, in
> >>> that they allow you to set|unset|add|append to a given header. They
> >>> also take an optional regular expression argument, which is matched
> >>> against r->uri to control application of the directive.

Is there a reason why mod_headers can't be asked or modified to do this?

This is useful functionality I will agree, but I don't think adding more
directives to do almost the same thing as we can already do is a good

> >>> The last two are special-purpose directives that control the setting
> >>> of Expires/Cache-Control and Date headers, respectively. They also
> >>> take optional regular expressions to limit their application at
> >>> request time.


Can you explain what the above directives do?

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