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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: Dynamic Reverse Proxying
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 22:37:43 GMT
Ian Holsman wrote:

> no..nothing to do with load balancing.


> heres the situation...
> we have multiple apps running through one server, and we
> determine what app the page gets passed to
> depending on a part of the file name.
> so for example /news/story/123-123-12 would go to the
> story application,
> where /news/lists/123-0-12-1 would go to a another and
> /news/blah/12312-123 would be served from disk

This is already possible:

ProxyPass /news/story/ http://backend/cgi-bin/story_app?id=

This will turn "/news/story/7987548" into

> we also want /gs/story/123-123-12 to go to the story
> application, and possibly
> also /foo/bnar/123-9 to go there as well.

Just add as many ProxyPass lines as you need, mapping to the same
backend URL.

> this could all be achived with rewriting the file/url so
> that it could map to a proxypass line.
> The next 'challenge' is that we want to be able to add
> new applications, or modify the settings with
> minimal changes to the config on the webserver (we plan to
> have some kind of XML page with this logic
> and it will be updated every hour or so) so when we have
> a new 'type of page' it will go in without
> a restart.

Why not just include a fragment of config file, or use a .htaccess file
(if it works)?

This kind of functionality definitely has scope outside the proxy,
because it is quite possible that apps you are trying to hide behind
URLs are located on the same server. I have a feeling mod_rewrite will
do this for you already, or if it doesn't, this is where modification
should be made so it should. The proxy should only be doing one thing -
proxying. Other apps should be handled by other bits of Apache.

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