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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: mod_proxy patches for HTTP Header manipulation
Date Sun, 20 May 2001 16:02:44 GMT
Kwindla Hultman Kramer wrote:

> 1) It is not as flexible as one might like -- in particular, I added
>    an optional pattern-match field which is matched against the
>    request uri. If the uri satisfies the pattern match, the header
>    directive is applied. If not, not.

What kind of pattern match field are you talking about?

The header changes can be limited to certain places using RequestHeader
inside <Location> directives. Is this enough for your application? 

> 2) It only works on the incoming headers. I wrote code to supply
>    symmetrical directives that set both incoming and outgoing headers.

The original only worked on outgoing headers, but made the changes
before the content handler ran, which was pretty useless if you wanted
to change headers coming from a remote server.

The new mod_headers modifies incoming headers before the content
handler, and outgoing headers after the content handler. This in theory
should now work for you - can you check for me?

> 3) It is not clear how mod_headers and mod_proxy should work
>    together. Both modules implement fixup handlers. Potential ordering
>    problems or other conflicts seem not unlikely.

The actual work in proxy was always done in a handler, not a fixup
(which was there to kludge a way for forward proxies to work without
script handlers getting in the way), but because the headers fixup
always ran before the proxy handler it was useless. This is now fixed...

> CacheFreshenDate, if 'On', sets the Date header to be current when a
> document is returned from the cache. (The default 'Off', is the same
> as the regular mod_proxy behavior, which is not to change any headers
> at all, including the Date header.)

This is something I will add to the new mod_cache.

> ProxyResponseExpiresVector allows one to decouple the internal
> mod_proxy caching behavior from the caching recommendations that are
> sent to the outside world.

This also belongs in mod_cache.

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