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From Giuseppe D'Ambrosio <boltthro...@libero.it>
Subject proxying to a M$ remote proxy
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:08:52 GMT
hi all,
I'm trying to remote-proxy to our M$ proxy-firewall through mod_proxy on my local win2000
(apache 1.3.12);

the M$ proxy (2.0) requires only a basic authentication, and I can still connect to the internet
through it;

now, in the httpd.conf I've set 
ProxyRemote *
(and changed the browser config)

accessing a remote site correctly pops up the dialog requesting the network password, but
giving the same (right) user/pass/domain returns a 407...

what am I missing?
should I set differently the domain (or user)?
or it's a problem with mod_proxy?

thank you in advance,

(please reply directly, I'm not on the list)


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