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From Atul Faldu <afa...@yahoo.com>
Subject keepAlive in Apache 1.3.19 proxy
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:25:34 GMT
Hi All!

I am trying to have persistent connection in Apache
PROXY 1.3.19 but I am unable to get it so far.
I applied the latest patch available on apache's site.
Still the connection doesn't remain persistent.

Has anyone tried to have persistent connection in
Apache PROXY 1.3.19? If so, did you get it or not? Do
you have the same problem?

Even after applying the patch, I still see in
proxy_http.c file that the code for keepalive is not
there (line # 351).

If you have any useful links for the files or
documentation for persistent connection in Proxy,
please send me.

Also, when Apache 2.0.16 is going to be available in
production version? It is available in beta version
right now.

Hope to get the reply from any of you.

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