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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (httpd-proxy) Wed Aug 8 23:45:35 EDT 2001
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 08:18:12 GMT
Eli Marmor wrote:

> I'll be grateful if you can answer me the following about the status of
> mod_proxy in Apache-2.0.23:
> 1. Is it stable, more or less?  How does its stability compare to mod_proxy
>    of 1.3?

Until we can get it out in one of the betas there is no way of telling -
though I don't have any reason to believe that it's not. There have been
a steady stream of bugfixes and changes over the last few months, so it
is receiving exposure.

> 2. Does it support HTTP/1.1?

It is 100% HTTP/1.1 (and if it isn't it's a bug).

> 3. Is there still any showstopper?

Not that I aware of.

> 4. Does it support ALL sites? (including problematic such as akamai, yahoo,
>    etc.)

It does for me - the showstoppers seem to have been caused by problems
in various filters outside of the proxy. Needs more exposure to confirm

> 5. How does it perform?  How does its performance compare to 1.3?

No-one has really checked yet to my knowledge.

Keep in mind though that the v2.0 proxy is just a proxy - there is no
caching whatsoever - this is the job of a separate independant module
called mod_tcache that is still in the works.

> 6. How does it work with SSL turned on?

Dunno - but if it doesn't it's a bug.

> If there are two versions of mod_proxy (as in 1.3), one that is included in
> the standard source tree of Apache, and another one which is applied as
> patches, please answer the above questions about both of the versions.

There is only 1 version of the proxy for v2.0.

The patch for v1.3 is an HTTP/1.1 patch that was never applied to v1.3
because it was too big. (Unfortunately as much of the patch involves
rewrites of a number of routines the patch only works as a unit).

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