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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: adding module mod_proxy to apache - OFFTOPIC
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 16:27:56 GMT
"Christopher R Key (Chris)" wrote:

> Based on what Ian and Graham have mentioned, it doesn't see as though
> the ldap proxy will be a complete proxy (like Innosoft's directory
> access router).  Am I mistaken?

Depends on your definition of "complete proxy". The standard "proxy" way
of handling things seems simplistically to be:

- open up a tcp connection to proxy
- say GET <URL> HTTP/1.1
- say Host: <hostname:port>\n\n
- Get some data back

In the case of the LDAP proxy we simply now understand ldap: URLS in
addition to http: and ftp: URLs as we do now.

Exactly like with ftp: URLs, ldap: URLs that return multiple objects
would be output in a standard way (eg LDIF) and could be processed by a
filter into whatever you want.

> Also, has any thought been given to how
> non-anonymous ldap connections will be handled (if at all)?

In theory you could handle it like this:
ldap://user:pass@hostname/foo... although the user:pass bit doesn't seem
to be in the official LDAP URL spec when last I looked (I could be
wrong). Another way of doing it is to define an config option for the
binddn and bindpw that would be used to do the search.

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