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From "Christopher R Key (Chris)" <chris....@wcom.com>
Subject Re: Reverse Proxy
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 22:45:32 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:
> Mohamed Elashmawy wrote:
> > I've setup the reverse proxy.
> > Is there a way to make apache change the absolute URLs.
> > I mean that there are links that are sent to the client through the
> > reverse proxy that point to the web server (absoute not relative) so
> > when they are pressed they send the user to the webserver (They are not
> > actually links but redirections but it's the same case)
> Are you talking about URLs embedded inside the pages themselves? There
> isn't a way of doing this (to my knowledge) just with Apache - however
> trying to filter the URLs within the content is a bad idea, as there are
> so many ways of getting it wrong.
> First prize is to make sure all the links are relative. If this is not
> possible, change the URLs so that they are absolute but without
> hostnames, eg "/images/someimage.gif".
> A good rule of thumb is to make the URL on the backend always the same
> as the URL on the frontend, for example:
> ProxyPass /images/ http://backend.com/images/
> Then everything will just work...

Another option, though potentially somewhat political, is to hijack the
domain name of the backend server.  For example, change
backend.mydomain.com to backend_a.mydomain.com and have all urls on this
site be FQ urls http://backend.mydomain.com/images/foo.jpg.  Repoint the
backend.mydomain.com name to proxy.mydomain.com.  Set up a mod_rewrite
rule such that http://backend.mydomain.com/images/foo.jpg rewrites to
http://proxy.mydomain.com/backend/images/foo.jpg.  Then proxy /backend
to http://backend_a.mydomain.com

Political because someone's gotta give up their name.  Ugly, yes.  A
mess, yes again.  Process intensive?  Without doubt.  Sometimes there
are no easy answers. 

BTW, I've been looking for a solution to this problem myself.  Shame you
can't do it from within mod_proxy.


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