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From "Mohamed Elashmawy" <Mohamed.Elashm...@itworx.com>
Subject RE: Reverse Proxy
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2001 17:05:23 GMT
I've made a rewrite rule that redirects all the requests of the absolute
links to the reverse proxy.
However, the problem now is in the images with absolute links as they
don't come with the page.
So I am gonna try filtering the pages while passing the proxy to change
the URLs
How can I filter URLs within the content of a page that the server
sends? In which module is this?

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From: Graham Leggett [mailto:minfrin@sharp.fm]
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 11:58 PM
To: modproxy-dev@apache.org
Subject: Re: Reverse Proxy

Mohamed Elashmawy wrote:

> I've setup the reverse proxy.
> Is there a way to make apache change the absolute URLs.
> I mean that there are links that are sent to the client through the
> reverse proxy that point to the web server (absoute not relative) so
> when they are pressed they send the user to the webserver (They are
> actually links but redirections but it's the same case)

Are you talking about URLs embedded inside the pages themselves? There
isn't a way of doing this (to my knowledge) just with Apache - however
trying to filter the URLs within the content is a bad idea, as there are
so many ways of getting it wrong.

First prize is to make sure all the links are relative. If this is not
possible, change the URLs so that they are absolute but without
hostnames, eg "/images/someimage.gif".

A good rule of thumb is to make the URL on the backend always the same
as the URL on the frontend, for example:

ProxyPass /images/ http://backend.com/images/

Then everything will just work...

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