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From Eli Marmor <mar...@netmask.it>
Subject Re: Charsets, Akamai, and Rock-n-Roll
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 17:22:32 GMT
Ian Holsman wrote:

> one more thing.
> can you change to pre-fork (--with-mpm=prefork)

It IS prefork.
It's true that the "configure" command I used, didn't include the
"--with-mpm" flag, but prefork is the default.
In any case, I ensured it by looking at README.bindist, config.cache, and
(I hope that all the multithreading glitches will be resolved sometime,
otherwise I'll have a big problem to run it under Win2000...)

> (שלום)

So you could read the site I mentioned... (unless your browser doesn't
support it, and/or you used Apache2 as your proxy without disabling the
auto charset addition ;-)

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