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From ch...@icarus.apache.org
Subject httpd-2.0 nightly build log
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2001 09:05:10 GMT
Build started Sun Oct 28 01:00:00 PST 2001 on FreeBSD 4.4-STABLE
Checking out httpd-2.0 apr apr-util
Building httpd-2.0-nightly
Merging package apr
Merging package apr-util
Building config in httpd-2.0-nightly
Configuring in httpd-2.0-nightly w/options --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-auth-anon --enable-auth-dbm
--enable-auth-db --enable-auth-digest --enable-file-cache --enable-echo --enable-cache --enable-example
--enable-ext-filter --enable-case-filter --enable-case-filter-in --enable-optional-hook-export
--enable-optional-hook-import --enable-optional-fn-import --enable-optional-fn-export --enable-mime-magic
--enable-cern-meta --enable-expires --enable-headers --enable-usertrack --enable-unique-id
--enable-proxy --enable-proxy-connect --enable-proxy-ftp --enable-proxy-http --enable-dav
--enable-info --enable-suexec --enable-cgi --enable-cgid --enable-dav-fs --enable-vhost-alias
--enable-speling --enable-rewrite --enable-ssl --with-ssl=/usr --enable-rule=SSL_EXPERIMENTAL
Not configured: --enable-charset-lite --enable-disk-cache --enable-tls --with-tls=/usr
Making in httpd-2.0-nightly
mod_cache.c: In function `ap_cache_in_filter':
mod_cache.c:355: warning: `date' might be used uninitialized in this function
ssl_expr_parse.c:14: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype
y.tab.c:232: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype
ssl_scache.c:188: warning: no previous prototype for `ssl_scache_status_register'
ssl_scache.c:205: warning: `ssl_ext_ms_display' defined but not used
htpasswd.o: In function `main':
/x1/home/chuck/httpd-2.0-nightly/support/htpasswd.c(.text+0xa90): warning: tmpnam() possibly
used unsafely; consider using mkstemp()
checkgid.c: In function `main':
checkgid.c:103: warning: implicit declaration of function `atoi'
Build finished Sun Oct 28 01:05:10 PST 2001


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