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From Morten Bjørhus <morten.bjor...@ttyl.com>
Subject HTTP/1.1 patch for httpd 1.3.20 ?
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2001 07:38:39 GMT
Hi, we're running 1.3.20 httpd servers as reverse proxies in front of
some application and web servers, and our users are experiencing
problems with IE browsers - the problem being that the browser seems
to ignore the HTTP/1.1 Cache-control header (probably since the
respone from mod_proxy is always HTTP/1.0). This is the same issue as
raised by swilcoxon@iqmktg.com on this list on 21 Feb 2001, I guess

It appears that httpd 1.3.19 can be patched to be HTTP/1.1 compliant
by using the patch found at

In a later posting (modproxy-dev-thread.187@apache.org) there is also
reference to a patch for 1.3.20-dev, which can be found at
http://dev.apache.org/dist/patches/apply_to_1.3-current/ . Is this
patch what we should go for to fix our problem, or does the "-dev"
imply that it might not work as is for the official 1.3.20 release?

Also - if we upgrade to 1.3.22, is this patch included or does it need
patching to become HTTP/1.1 compliant as well?



 Morten Bjørhus, TTYL
 morten.bjorhus@ttyl.com, http://www.ttyl.com
 tel: +47 24112217, mob: +47 41660525

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