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From "Arnauld Dravet" <smur...@egocentrique.com>
Subject mod_cache questions
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 09:48:06 GMT

As i didn't find any mailing list specific to mod_cache development/user-help i thought i
could use this one as mod_cache was included in mod_proxy with Apache 1.3.

I have to implement cache support in our reverse proxy, running apache 2.0.36 (Linux), and,
as mod_proxy is not caching anymore, i'm checking which modules i could use, depending on
their features.

Of course i've checked mod_cache, but also 'fcache'. Both don't have any complete documentations
so i'm kinda stuck.

My questions about mod_cache:
- Can i use the cache (disk and/or ram based cache) in a virtual host based server ? Our reverse
proxy is serving different internal sites, and we want to activate caching for a few sites,
but not for all.

- Can i enable (or deny) the cache per URI (directories) and specific files (inside a virtual
host) ? For example, can i use as default rule for a virtual host to not cache anything, except
one directory containing static pages ?

- How the reverse proxy will act if i tell him to cache dynamic pages ? Is there an algorithm
or anything used to determine if a page is static or dynamic ? (i'm gonna read RFC 2616 right
now, i don't know yet if it talks about that).

Thank you for your answers, it will greatly help me ...

Arnauld Dravet

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