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From Estrade Matthieu <estrad...@ifrance.com>
Subject Reading Post Data problem
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:33:53 GMT


(apache 2.0.39 + linux RedHat 7.2 i386)

I am using apache in reverse proxy mode.

i am reading POST data in my module with ap_should_client_block and

then, i put this data into a temp file...

and patched apache to make ap_get_client_block, read in this file when
it's called by another module ( in this case mod_proxy).

it was working with apache 2.0.36 but not now with the 2.0.39...
I think it's because of the problem with chunked data buffer overflow

i took a look in the proxy_http.c and i saw that the code sending the
body to the backend server has been modified...

is somebody have the same problem ?

considering that my code is from a module build for 1.3.x, is somebody
has a new solution to read this data without clear it and let it
readable by others modules ?

Best regards,

Estrade Matthieu

ifrance.com, l'email gratuit le plus complet de l'Internet !
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